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Housing Boom

That same year, NewBridge introduced the NewBridge 450 Program, providing 18 hours a day of intensive treatment services for former psychiatric patients living in boarding homes. (NewBridge had been providing some services to former psychiatric hospital patients since the late 1970s, when it established relationships with several boarding homes.) NewBridge again showed foresight in the mid-1990s when it created a drop-in center for boarding home residents.

NewBridge saw another unmet need of providing homes for individuals with persistent and chronic mental illness when their families no longer could. A two-year study by eight NewBridge families culminated with the opening of NewBridge’s first affordable housing project in Lincoln Park in 2000. In 2006, NewBridge pledged to provide 100 additional units of affordable housing within five years – a goal it achieved in 2011. Working in partnership with government agencies, municipalities and other nonprofits, NewBridge to date has created more than 200 units of housing in seven counties, and another 57 units are in development. Most are devoted to people with special needs.

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