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NewBridge Expert on Adolescent Mental Health Addresses ’13 Reasons Why’

Tuesday, May 09, 2017



Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why,” has sparked serious concerns that the fictional series depicting a teenager’s decision to commit suicide could inadvertently lead adolescents to view suicide as an option when they’re going through hard times.

“It can especially be triggering for people who have thought about suicide or made an attempt, because it can bring back up those dark feelings they fought their way out of,” said Mary Vineis, NewBridge Services Director of Community Response and Education.

Vineis has been fielding calls from more than a half dozen school districts seeking resources for parents and students.

Adolescents are watching, so Vineis suggests parents turn it into a teachable moment.

“It’s a conversation to be had. It’s important for parents to to talk to their children about mental illness, depression and suicide, and assure them that there are numerous resources to help them cope with difficult situations,” she said.

If a teenager, especially a middle schooler, is going to watch it, Vineis suggests parents watch it with them. “There are some scenes you may want to fast-forward through,” she said.

NewBridge can help children and adults overcome anxiety and depression. Contact NewBridge at or call (973) 316-9333. If you are having thoughts of suicide, text “START” to 741741 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

SAVE and the Jed Foundation, two nonprofits dedicated to suicide prevention, created talking points to help parents, teachers and others who interact with adolescents talk about suicide and the movie’s portrayal of it. Go to

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