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Quality Management Coordinator-Pequannock, NJ

Position Title: Quality Management Coordinator (Pequannock, NJ)

Responsible To: Chief Operating Officer

Summary: Oversees the consistent application of regulatory and professional standards throughout NewBridge Services’ programs.

Qualifications:  BA or BS in a behavioral health field; at least 2 years of experience in a direct service capacity and 2 years of experience with performance improvement activities (4 years total); able to work collaboratively in a team atmosphere and with program leaders, able to analyze and interpret findings to implement improvement activities and report on outcomes, and comfortable with training activities; has excellent communication skills, high degree of resourcefulness and independent thinking; and moderate to advanced computer application skills.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Works with the COO and program leadership to develop and implement the annual Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Plan:
    1. Help to identify all QAPI Plan Indicators and benchmarks
    2. Monitor implementation of Plan Do Study Act process for each program Plan and assists with data collection, analysis, recommendations and changes to the Plan
    3. Ensures the collection of information and the delivery of information among all related QAPI committees.
    4. Oversee communication of findings within Divisions and across the organization
    5. Updates Plan at least annually
  • Conducts service utilization reviews and performance monitoring through the ongoing evaluation of direct service staff productivity and program specific volume on a weekly to monthly basis as needed. Provides results of reviews to program leadership and specific committees as directed.
  • Facilitates and evaluates the quality checks of clinical documentation activities (completion of documentation, treatment plans, etc.), admission criteria, continued stay, length of stay, and discharge outcomes through a chart review audit system in concert with the program leadership. Helps to create corrective action plans to facilitate ongoing improvements.
  • Works with the Chief Administration Officer and program leadership to engage in agency licensing reviews and follow up.
  • Leads the QAPI committee to regularly review status of QAPI initiatives and plans.
  • Participates in QAPI subcommittees: Safety, Pharmacy, Infection Control and others as designated.
  • Manages the following consumer systems:
  1. Incident/Accident reporting system – tracking and overseeing proper documentation of incidents, acting as formal reporter for all Unusual Incident Reports submitted to DMHAS and coordinating consumer and staff reviews of incidents, and monitoring the quality of incident reporting;
  2. Ombudsperson activities to address consumer concerns and complaints;
  3. Releasing of PHI ensuring authorizations are in place and/or actions are allowed by law;
  4. Annual consumer satisfaction survey program.
  • Manages the following employee training needs:
    1. Serves as AWARDS trainer and help desk representative;
    2. Provides insight and guidance to staff with regard to licensing, QAPI requirements, etc.;
    3. Participate in team meetings to support the process of reviews, systems changes, and improvement procedures.
  • Assists with the management of Policies and Procedures, including reviews and revisions as changing protocols indicate.


For inquiries, please send an email* referencing the Position Title with resume and cover letter attached to:  

Janice Bernard at

NewBridge Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), marital status, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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