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Guide Children Through Change

Guide children through change

March 1, 2009

Major life changes such as divorce, separation, loss and moving can take a tremendous emotional toll on children. However, given the right support, your child will be able to express their feelings, grieve their loss, and emerge from this unsettling time a stronger more resilient person. As a parent, you can help your child by:

  • Acknowledging their feelings and encouraging them to share how they feel with you
  • Providing order, stability, and continuity in their life by maintaining regular daily routines
  • Showing them you care through non-verbal actions such as giving them a hug, going for a walk with them, or sitting down together

Also, try to provide a variety of outlets for your child’s expression through regular activities, playdates, and visits with favorite relatives and friends. If changes in behavior become overwhelming, NewBridge can help. Call NewBridge toll-free at 888-746-9333 or visit

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