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Back to School Tips

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
  • Visit your child’s classrooms and locker before school starts
  • Get children involved in purchasing and organizing school supplies
  • Limit afterschool activities for the first few weeks of school
  • Keep an extra school supply list
  • Stock up on paper bags or book sox for covering books
  • Eat together as a family
  • Create a family planner-one place where all activities are listed (for mom & dad too!)
  • As a parent, create your own fall rituals of activities, traditions and exercise
  • Reward those who are ready for school early
  • Find humor
  • As fall starts, start making heartier meals, like soups, stews, casseroles
  • Infuse autumn decorations into your home
  • Delegate as much as possible—let children set out their own clothes, pack lunches, etc.
  • Keep your child’s backpack light—remove unnecessary items
  • Ask pointed questions that require detailed answers (“What was the best part of your day?” rather than “How was school?”)
  • Be enthusiastic for your child
  • Review school rules, safety rules, and expectations at home
  • Prepare tomorrow’s clothes the night before
  • Choose extracurricular activities wisely — allow some down time
  • Keep breakfast hearty and healthy — avoid sugars and white processed foods
  • Set up an in basket and an out basket for homework
  • Allow children time for physical activity
  • Be your child’s advocate
  • If you cannot greet your children when they get home, call them
  • Get to bed early and practice the school year morning routine for a week before school begins
  • Set aside a clean, quiet place for study/homework time
  • Reach out to the teacher early with questions and issues
  • Listen, and let children know you’re available to talk
  • Encourage your child to invite school friends over to play
  • Set an organized routine and do your best to stick to it
  • Get to know your child’s friends
  • Check backpacks daily
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