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Learn the Signs of Mental Illness During Mental Health Awareness Month

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

While mental illness is a catchall for an array of disorders that affect the way a person thinks, feels or behaves, there are common signs that indicate a person is struggling with such a condition. During Mental Health Awareness Month, take time to learn the common signs because the earlier mental illness is diagnosed, the sooner effective treatments can begin:

•Excessive worrying, fear, sadness or anger

•Confused thinking or problems concentrating and learning

IntoMH-Facebook-Timeline•Extreme mood changes

•Avoiding friends and social activities

•Inability to carry out daily activities

•Changes in sleeping habits/loss of energy
•Changes in eating habits

•Experiencing delusions or hallucinations

•Abuse of alcohol and/or drugs

•Multiple physical ailments without obvious causes

•Suicidal thoughts

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a more thorough list here: To get help, contact NewBridge Services at or 973-316-9333. Visit for more information.

About NewBridge 

NewBridge Services, a 501c(3) nonprofit, is a premier provider of counseling services, housing and educational programs in northern New Jersey serving 10,000 adults and seniors last year alone. NewBridge treats mental illnesses and addictions; teaches skills for coping with stress, grief and challenging relationships; builds and manages affordable housing; offers school-based programs that teach children and adolescents resiliency skills for healthy emotional development; helps young adults succeed in their education and prepare for careers; and supports seniors so they can remain independent. Throughout its more than 50-year history, NewBridge has remained true to its mission of bringing balance to people’s lives by tracking shifts in communities’ needs and providing innovative, effective programs to meet them. 

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