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Managing Everyday Stress

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Stress Relievers for Adults

Dealing with the trials and tribulations of everyday life can sometimes becoming overwhelming.

The following tips can help you cope.

Talk about it. You relieve stress and feel less alone when you learn others share your feelings.

This is why support groups are so successful. Talking with someone who understands lightens the burden.

Get plenty of rest and exercise. It’s an old line but try it for a day in every little way.

Start by not seeking out the closest parking spot to the building. Go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.

Do things you find soothing and relaxing.

When was the last time you read a book or listened to music instead of watched TV?

Spend time with your family. Talk, and be sure to listen.

Nobody has the capacity to give joy like family. Play cards or just hang out and talk, even for just 20 minutes.

Do something positive that gives you a sense of control.

Give blood, volunteer, or learn CPR. Help another person.

Recall other times you were stressed and how you resolved those situations.

Use solutions that have worked for you in the past.

If you feel overwhelmed or despondent, ask for help.

Talk with a trusted friend, social worker, minister or rabbi.

Steer clear of overdoing food or drink that can make you feel worse, like alcohol or sweets.

Moderation is key to avoiding additional problems. If you feel the need to binge, make popcorn.

Take one day at a time. If that feels like a challenge, try one hour at a time.

The “one day at a time” theory succeeds because it allows small steps. Don’t expect to conquer forever; just today.

Make as many daily decisions as possible.

This gives you a sense of control.

Turn off the television and get out of the house. Go and do things alone or in a group.

Check your local paper, church bulletin, library or bulletin boards for information about activities in your area.

Feel free to grouch for a day. But only for a day.

Wake up tomorrow and vow to do better than yesterday.

Make a daylong commitment to yourself not to complain or discuss negative things.

Instead, compliment others and be a good listener. Reflect how you feel at the end of your “positive” day.

Make random acts of kindness part of your day.

Let someone go ahead of you in line at the supermarket or simply share a smile with a stranger.

If you or someone you know could benefit from additional coping techniques, call NewBridge toll-free at (888) 746-9333.

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