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During Mental Health Month, Meet Our Amazing Client Nancy Finch

Friday, May 08, 2020

During Mental Health Month, meet Our Amazing Client Nancy Finch

May is Mental Health Month. People who have mental illness can and do thrive! 

Nancy Finch is one of Our Amazing Clients.

As her sister was dying of cancer in 2017, Nancy Finch’s marriage fell apart. Finch suffered a psychotic episode that fall during a job interview, ending her teaching career. Six months later, her ex took his life.

Depression engulfed Finch, who’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 17.

Then she found NewBridge Services. At its adult day treatment program in Haskell, the 59-year-old immersed herself in healing, art and friendship. NewBridge found her an apartment and continues to provide support services.

“The staff cared about me when I didn’t care about myself,” Finch said.

She has developed skills and a support system to restore balance, and no longer experiences the extreme mood swings that resulted in five lengthy hospitalizations. Finch now volunteers to help others learn to manage mental illness.

Even in her dark days, Finch persevered. After her first marriage ended in 1994, she raised her three sons, enrolled in college and became a middle school language arts teacher.

“Not only did NewBridge save my life, but it continues to give me a quality of life worth fighting for,” the grandmother of two said. “I didn’t know there would be so much love on the other side.”


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