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NewBridge SAIL Client Norman Sindlinger’s Pandemic Reflections

Monday, June 29, 2020

NewBridge SAIL client Norman SindlingerBy Norman E. Sindlinger

Norman Sindlinger is a retired Director of Engineering for Mattel, who as an engineer helped create classic toys like Baby That-a-Way. He is also a poet, and his collection, “Poems of a Random Nature,” is an e-book available for free for Amazon Kindle and other readers. Sindlinger will be publishing two additional poetry collections this summer. The widower and grandfather of four turns 90 on July 9th.

I’ll be 90 in several weeks, with plenty of free time to structure my days as I choose. In the early weeks of the pandemic, I devoted much of my free time to following developing news from the online New York Times and CNN.

I’m obviously in a COVID-19 high risk category because of my age. Thanks to the NewBridge staff, I’ve been well protected. Melissa White directed that I avoid shopping, and my case manager, Martha Palmer, makes two-week purchases of my groceries and other items. I’ve had little reason to fear I’d become infected.

Again, thanks to NewBridge, I have a terrific apartment that is so bright and cheerful that it hasn’t been a burden to remain isolated in self-quarantine. I have many personal interests I enjoy to fulfill my days.

During the early weeks of the pandemic, I began having some difficulty sleeping. I suspected that I was overloaded with my news consumption, and when I significantly reduced it I began sleeping normally again.

I am fortunate to live independently and am not one of the elderly nursing home residents who have died by the tens of thousands throughout the country. I am also exceptionally fortunate to be a member of the NewBridge community with its outstanding staff support.

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