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Prom Safety Tips

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Did you know that a person’s judgment abilities are not fully developed until they are about 20 years old? Subsequently, it is important to remember that your teen still needs some guidance. During this prom and graduation season, NewBridge offers the following 10 tips for parents to help keep your teen safe:

  1. Keep an open dialogue with your teen. Try to listen and allow your teen to express his or her feelings without judgment.
  2. Make sure your teen has a plan for the evening and that you know it. Know who is driving, where they are going, and when they’ll be home. Ask for a phone call if plans change.
  3. Tell your teen that you are just a phone call away at any hour in case he finds himself in a compromising situation.
  4. Discuss rules and the consequences of violating them.
  5. Keep an open-door policy. By welcoming your teen’s friends into your home, you can get to know the people he or she hangs out with.
  6. Tell your teen not to ride with people who have been drinking-even if they seem okay to drive.
  7. Praise your teen when he or she uses good judgment in the face of peer pressure or temptation.
  8. Communicate with other parents.
  9. Follow your instincts, and don’t be afraid to say no to risky activities even though “everyone else’s parents said ‘yes.'”
  10. Many teens go to the shore after prom or graduation, a hotspot for underage partying. Consider chipping in with other parents to rent a house at the shore as a graduation present, then invite the teens as your guests. Bring a good book, and keep an eye out.

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