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NewBridge Family Counseling Services in New Jersey

NewBridge’s family counselors understand that family life isn’t always harmonious. Household financial problems, or a family member with addiction or mental illness, can create tremendous discord that can lead to bigger problems. Sometimes differences in personalities and habits can cause friction that breaks down family dynamics.

Family counseling helps families overcome that conflict and communicate more effectively. It’s based on the recognition that a family is a system of individuals, and that any change in one can affect changes in the rest of the family. Through family therapy, family members can reestablish trust and move forward. NewBridge family therapists are licensed and specialize in:

  • Parenting skills
  • Couples & marriage counseling
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Adapting to life transitions
  • Coping with grief
  • Developing patience
  • Building resiliency

Family counseling is often short-term, and can involve all or some members of a family. Some family members may opt to participate in individual counseling as well. Family therapy sessions typically are held once a week for a few months.

Whether you choose online family counseling, or in-person sessions, NewBridge’s family therapists can help. We have family counseling centers in Parsippany, Haskell, and Sparta. Virtual family counseling is also available. NewBridge Services accepts most health insurances. Call our Access line for more information at (973) 316-9333.

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NewBridge Family Therapy Testimonials

“As a parent of two girls, I’m thankful for NewBridge in our life.”

“They really care about my family.”

“Have learned a lot about myself and how to cope.”

“Makes me feel better about myself and how I am handling things.”

“The entire staff plus the program have been unique for me. My therapist is really a knowledgeable person.”


Why Get Family Counseling?

Family counseling helps adults and children better understand each other. The family counselor establishes a safe space for family members to express themselves and work on coping skills that can bring them closer together. Family therapy can help in any situation that causes stress, grief or anger. The goal is to identify issues, whether they be emotional, psychological, or behavioral.

During sessions, participants can identify the family’s strengths and weaknesses, explore family roles and behavior patterns, and develop productive ways to express emotions and work through conflicts. The family therapist can help set individual and family goals and develop action plans to achieve them.

Family therapy is especially important in families with a member who has mental illness or an addiction. Family counseling provides other members insight into the illness and ways they can support their loved one. As a person with mental illness or addiction (or both) recovers, family dynamics shift and all members must adjust to new circumstances. Family members don’t need to live under the same roof to benefit from family therapy.

What happens in the first session?

The first family counseling session can vary depending on the family’s circumstances and which members are participating. The NewBridge family therapist will ask questions to get to know each family member and what brought you to therapy. You’ll also discuss a plan for moving forward that will be used in subsequent sessions.

The Benefits of Family Counseling Services

Research shows that family therapy can help families make positive changes. Family members take an honest look at how they treat one another, and learn how to do it better. Family friction and stress lessens, and communication and dynamics improve.


About NewBridge Services

NewBridge Services, a 501c(3) nonprofit, is a leading provider of counseling services, housing, and educational programs in northern New Jersey serving nearly 8,000 adults and seniors last year alone. NewBridge treats mental illnesses; teaches skills for coping with stress, grief, and challenging relationships; helps children who have been abused and neglected — and their families — heal; builds and manages affordable housing; offers school-based programs that teach children and adolescents resiliency skills for healthy emotional development; helps young adults succeed in their education and prepare for careers; and supports seniors so they can remain independent. Throughout its 58-year history, NewBridge has remained true to its mission of bringing balance to people’s lives by tracking shifts in communities’ needs and providing innovative, effective programs to meet them.